Congratulations Mike, Robin, and Family!!!


Even in the midst of a pandemic there is still something to celebrate. This beautiful family's adoption day at court has been delayed several months due to COVID, but they were finally able to make the adoption official. The special outfits they'd planned for the day had to include face masks and coats because of the rain. Limited people were allowed in the courtroom, so we cheered them on from outside. Luckily these foster family pros are used to rolling with whatever is thrown their way! We are so happy to have been a part of this family's journey and see a happy ending and new beginning for these girls.

meet our resource parents


Tyson & Andrea

 "My husband and I have had a heart to adopt and love on kids, other than our own for years. We decided to become foster parents because there are so many kids in need of love and care, and so many kids that have a great need to know they are lovable. Having grown up in a home where I was told I was loved often, I couldn't imagine someone not hearing that. It was heartbreaking. My husband on the other hand did not hear it often. He knew what that was like and so both of us wanted to help as many kids as possible, to know that they were loved and valuable. " - Andrea 

Anyone can be a resource family.

Home isn't about the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood.  

Home is the place where a child feels safe, loved, and protected, the place they come back to for Christmas, the place they come to do their month-old laundry during the holidays before they're back to college, the people they call when they're lost, scared or feeling alone. 

 It doesn't matter who you are - single men, single women, married couples, young, old, living in an apartment or in a home on a corner lot- there's a child uniquely suited for you and your household.  There's not one right way, right time, or right look to a family. There is a child out there that needs you, with every bit of uniqueness, excitement and love you have to offer. The only thing you need is room in your heart (I promise, it's already there)!

So give us a shout when you're ready to open up your heart and home! They're waiting for you, right now. 

How do i get started?


1. Fill out a pre-application

2. Complete a phone interview with our Program Administrator

This is an informal, get-to-know you conversation. It's a chance to get all your questions answered, learn about our history and vision for Krista Resource Families, and to decide if we are the right fit. 

3. Meet your social worker & complete initial paperwork

Decided you're ready to move forward? Wonderful! A social worker will set up a time to meet with you and get you started. They'll be there to help you every step of the way.

4. Complete a background check

Fill out a Criminal Record Statement, provide a DMV printout of your driving record & complete Livescan fingerprinting.

5. Complete the home study

The home study process is a combination of paper questionnaires and in-person interviews, completed by a certified social worker, with everyone who lives in your home.  The purpose is to really get to know the type of home and parenting you can provide, and assess the physical safety and suitability of your home. 

6. Complete training

1. Resource Family Pre-Approval training

Attend a 2-hour orientation and 12 hours of pre-approval training.

2. CPR, AED, & Basic First Aid certification  

3. Krista Paperwork training

Learn about the requirements for you to maintain and turn in paperwork for each child's health, dental, school, allowance, and clothing needs. 

4. Krista Resource Family Policy Manual training & quiz

5. Child Abuse Reporting training & quiz

7. Provide personal references

Krista requires 3 personal references who can speak to your character and ability to be a resource parent.  


If you are a prospective resource family, please review the "Welcome Letter, FAQs, & Pre-Application" form and submit the completed pre-app by email, fax, or in person at our office. 

For all other forms, please follow the direction of your social worker during the resource family approval (RFA) process. 

Welcome Letter, FAQs, & Pre-Application (docx)


Financial Statement - Couple (docx)


Financial Statement - Single (docx)


Health Questionnaire - filled out by applicant (pdf)


Health Screening Report - filled out by physician (pdf)


TB Screening - filled out by physician (pdf)


Resource Family Application (pdf)


Request for Live Scan (Krista Resource Family Applicants ONLY) (pdf)


Criminal Record Statement (PDF)


CPR/First Aid Classes in Redding (docx)


Resource Family Manual (docx)


Personal Rights of Foster Children (PDF)


No Corporal Punishment Agreement (doc)


Statement to Report Child Abuse (pdf)


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