Krista strives to create an environment of safety, healing, and growth.


Our mission is to provide a safe and loving place to children and young adults so they can begin to understand and accept their God given talents, worth, and destiny.

We love, accept, teach, and allow people of all ages to stretch themselves towards becoming the person they are destined to be

Krista’s staff is committed to training and providing ongoing consultation and services to foster families. They also work to ensure that the children’s needs are met and that they have as normal a childhood as possible.

Since 2001, Krista T cialis generika österreich.H.P.P. has been serving the foster youth in Shasta and surrounding counties, preparing them for a successful transition into independent living. While in the program, our teens live with a young adult mentor in a local apartment and:

  • Aquire job skills
  • Learn how to budget and manage money
  • Participate in the Independent Living Skills Program
  • Receive counsel and hands-on training from Krista staff and mentor
Our Team

Bob & Sharon Phillips

Administrator / THP + Social Worker

Beth Livney

Finance Manager

Meagan Jarding

THP + Case Worker

Joe √Ėstergren

THP + Case Worker

Andrea Martin

FFA Social Worker